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Google Business Photos - how much does it cost?

Google Business Photos service is very affordable. While pricing varies depending on the size of your business, number of points required for seamless 360 degrees Google panorama and complexity of the shoot, on average it costs anywhere from $350 to $750. We will provide free estimate, so please feel free to contact our team and schedule a visit. At the time of the visit we will provide you with a quote. Besides the virtual tour, the pricing also includes a number of beautiful professional quality images to showcase the points of interest. This typically is something that you would like to showcase to your customers such as interior design elements, products, logo and branding inside your facility and other elements that may attract customers and increase brand awareness. You will receive full access to the images as well as your virtual tour that can be used for your own website and other marketing initiatives.

Why I need it?

Millions of people use Google every day to find places in the real world. Google+ Local (Google Places) is the tool that enables business owners to manage their presence on Google.  Google Places will enable you as the business owner to verify and supplement your business information to include hours of operation, photos, videos, coupons, product offerings and more. It also allows you to communicate with customers and get insights that help them make smart business decisions.

One out of five searches on Google is related to location, and you want to make sure that your businesses can be found.

Can I have a repeat photo shoot?

Yes, you are welcome to engage with a Trusted Photographer and coordinate a repeat shoot. Many businesses who have recently renovated their interiors or that have seasonal decor will request a reshoot. Remember that you can always upload your own up-to-date photographs through Google Places as well. However Google interior 360 virtual tour is only available through Google Trusted Photographer.

I want it!

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